Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shokz Guide Review

Shokz SC2 guide will be reviewed in a moment by reading this you will understand if it's for you or not. Blizzard has released Starcraft 2 and after that guides were popping up left and right. I've read a couple of good one but Shokz outshines them all. The amount of info here is just simply ovewhelming I've never seen so much at one place. Did you know the guide for beginners is bigger then most complete guides.

What I love about Shokz is that he's an actualy real life player, and you can rest assure that the road wasn't easy. I don't know who would be crazy enough to share his most intimite secrets with hte general population. Matter of fact you can increase your game really fast with just a few helpful pointers contained in the guide.

The starcraft players can be but into two categories the ones who use micros and the ones who struggle a lot. To learn how to micro is almost an art and many players feel that they woulndn't be able to in even 10 years of practice, this is so untrue this guide covers it really good.

The reason why I'm writing this Shokz guide review is because I want to share my experience with future great players of Starcraft 2. This guide is a real game changer you can try it it's so fun. Actually the info stored in there is so big that it will take some time to read and watch it all. Don't get me wrong the content is growing and growing Shokz always finds a new way or a new strategy how to pwn.

It's good to play with friends if you specially want to train there's no one better you can discuss strategies and watch replays, my friend was almost as good as mine until he upped his game really really big. After the weekend was over i got some heavy losses over and over again and i couldn't explain it. Depression kicked in because i didn't knwo what where how. Another friend of mine finally has openned my eyes, it was a guide what made this radical turn. Of course it was Shokz guide.

Numerous lost battles followed until i decided to seek help as well. And after that it was like the great arms race in the 70's. Believe it it's that good. From average I went to semi-pro in just a few weeks. Nowadays we are almost at the same caliber sometimes he sometimes i win .

It's coming to the end the Shokz guide review is almost done. Being an amazing player no wounder Shokz has made such a good guide for us. In the members are you will be getting access to strategies with pointers and pics as well as videos and anything what your heart desires. With the great videos you will feel that he himself is watching over you guiding you through all. Don't worry there's a single player guide as well which will help you out anyway if you get stuck obtaining a particular achivement.

Shokz Guide Reviewed

Did you have enough? Getting PWND over and over again is not your style then get this guide!

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